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Gayle Sulik and Rachel Cheetham Moro, 2011

Gayle Sulik and Rachel Cheetham Moro, 2011

There is a growing movement oriented to telling the truth about breast cancer and changing the conversation about how we as a society work toward the eradication of this disease.

It is a call to broaden the discussion, re-orient the Cause toward prevention and life-saving research, and acknowledge the unintended consequences of commercialization, festive awareness activities, and the lack of evidence-based information that makes its way to the public. Add your voice!

  • Talk to family and friends honestly about the myths and truths surrounding breast cancer and why it is crucial to move beyond awareness.
  • Participate in the growing social network of compassionate citizens who seek to speak openly about the realities of breast cancer and the need for change. Connect on social media and everywhere you have an opportunity to speak about health and well being.
  • Start a book club. Read, share, and analyze comprehensive books about breast cancer and pink culture.
  • Hold a Brown Bag Lunch. Share the myths, truths, and critical perspectives about breast cancer with your colleagues and friends during lunch.
  • Start a blog.
  • Write an “Op-Ed” piece or “Letter to the Editor” outlining key facts or issues about breast cancer, sharing the evidence that backs your statements. Mention why the issue is important to you. Check out tips from the Op-Ed Project.
  • Contact schools, organizations, medical centers, and anyone engaged in breast cancer related fundraising or awareness activities. Tell them what you would like to see happen in terms of awareness, fundraising, support, and discussion, and tell them why is important. Post the same to a blog.

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