Trivialization: The process of downplaying, minimizing, or understating something or someone that deserves serious consideration. See also infantilization, which downplays the seriousness of breast cancer by treating adult women in child-like ways.

The commercialization of breast cancer has contributed a light-hearted approach to awareness and advocacy that very often centers on “boobies brigades” such as the one below and other fun-filled activities in the name of breast cancer awareness. Such depictions trivialize breast cancer and limit our ability to comprehend what it’s really like to face the disease, live with medical uncertainty, and accept the difficult realities of risk, recurrence, treatment, and even death.

Volunteers from AOL UK at Oxford Circus get ready to travel on the London Underground on behalf of breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of women checking their breasts regularly. Photo Credit: Repinned from The – Daily – Zeitgeist by Andrew Kavanagh

A touch your boobies sing-along video trivializes breast cancer while also spreading the misinformed message that feeling one’s breasts regularly, even multiples times a day, affords survival benefits. [see misinformation].


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