Breast Cancer Consortium Quarterly 2015 (1) Is Out!

BCC initials square logo 2-5-13Remembering What’s Important

February is a hard month for the Breast Cancer Consortium, as we remember our friend and collaborator Rachel Cheetham Moro. Rachel was on the ground floor of BCC’s planning but died 8 months before we launched in 2012.

Even people who never met Rachel in person knew of her witty humor, evidence-based rants, and unrelenting commitment to truth-telling. In this issue, we share two remembrances of Rachel, one from Sarah Horton in Liverpool, the other from Grazia De Michele in Brighton.

Together, their words speak for many of us: “Rachel. We’re so glad we knew you….With you in our heart, we go on.”


I’m thrilled to have received a scholarship to attend the 2015 Lown Institute Conference, Road to RightCare: Engage, Organize, Transform from March 8-11 in San Diego, CA. Those who attend this meeting will have an opportunity to meet clinicians, patient advocates, and community leaders, learn from one another, uncover the deeply embedded causes and consequences of medical misuse and find innovative ways to address it. There is still time to register for this important conference. Go here.

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) is currently accepting applications for the 2015 Barbara Rosenblum Dissertation Scholarship for the Study of Women and Cancer. Go here to learn more about eligibility and proposal requirements. DUE April 1.

Many thanks to Grazia De Michele for being BCC’s social media contact. Find BCC on facebook or twitter.


Please forward the BCCQ to colleagues and friends who would be interested in our work. Or, you can “like” or “tweet” this issue.

Thank you for reading, and for your continued support in changing the breast cancer paradigm.


Gayle A. Sulik, PhD (Founder and Principal Investigator)

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