SOPA and PIPA: What It Could Mean for Your Blog

Yesterday, Pink Ribbon Blues joined with 115,000 websites that blacked out their content in solidarity with a viral Internet protest in opposition to two bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). While the bills were originally written to apply to foreign sites alleged to pirate music and movies or sell counterfeit items, the real concern for protesters is that the bills now, if passed, could also limit free speech and prevent user-generated content on foreign and domestic sites . . . → Read More: SOPA and PIPA: What It Could Mean for Your Blog

18. Advertising WHAT???

Nizarys Vargas is a senior at the College of Mount of Saint Vincent. Her current concentration is business administration with a minor in sociology, and Ms. Vargas plans to become a funeral director. Having worked closely with the Sisters of Charity, she is committed to helping people through some of the saddest and most difficult times in their lives. The Sisters have also been a guiding force in helping her to know what it means to be surrounded by strong, empowered, and compassionate women. Ms. . . . → Read More: 18. Advertising WHAT???

5. Watch Out For Junk News

Health News Review is a website published by Gary Schwitzer that is dedicated to improving the accuracy of news stories about medical treatments, tests, products and procedures and helping consumers evaluate the evidence for and against new ideas in health care. To this end, the foundation established a set of ten criteria to apply to medical stories reported in the popular media in order to evaluate their accuracy, balance, and completeness. Editor-at-Large for MedPage Today, George Lundberg MD, refers to these criteria as “10 Rules to Expose . . . → Read More: 5. Watch Out For Junk News

4. Factoids, Impressions, and Impressions

The “Special Breast Cancer Awareness Issue” floods the populace in October. It might be in a small town in upstate New York, a metropolitan city in Florida, or a magazine dedicated to the Jersey Shore. It doesn’t really matter. The template is the same. Shape the culture, fuel the industry, and do it in the name of “awareness.” Rachel C. of The Cancer Culture Chronicles exposes the content of one of these magazines. “Breast Cancer Awareness Jersey Shore Style!” was originally published on The . . . → Read More: 4. Factoids, Impressions, and Impressions

3. Factoids and Impressions

One might assume that anything involving breast cancer awareness would be based on the best available evidence. Unfortunately, this assumption would be wrong. I’ve evaluated hundreds of campaigns, advertisements, websites, educational brochures, and other sundry materials related to breast cancer awareness only to find information that is inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant, or out of context. We could spend the whole year analyzing them. For now, consider a print advertisement for mammograms by CENTRA Mammography Services. [Note: I previously shared this ad back in July in an . . . → Read More: 3. Factoids and Impressions

A Call for Responsible Reporting

Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

On September 7th, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell told viewers that on a “personal note” she was “now among the one in eight women in this country…who have had breast cancer.”

In her one-minute reveal about how her summer vacation ended with a diagnosis instead of a hiking trip, Ms. Mitchell assured viewers that her breast cancer was found “during her annual screening…at its earliest stage,” and that it “had not spread.” As evidence of her successful treatment, she said, “I’m already back . . . → Read More: A Call for Responsible Reporting

“It’s Time To Get Real”

The commercialization of breast cancer has been a growing trend. Beginning with the emergence of the pink ribbon in 1992, there has been an increasing notion that breast cancer “awareness” results from pink osmosis. Many, including myself, have asked: What exactly are people made aware of? When analyzing the imagery associated with pink ribbon products and awareness activities, the messages are clear:

Breast cancer exists.

[singlepic id=300 w=420 h=340 float=center]

All women are at risk.

[singlepic id=33 . . . → Read More: “It’s Time To Get Real”

“Pink Ribbon Blues,” Book

Paperback includes new Introduction on fundraising controversies and color insert with images of, and reactions to, the pinking of breast cancer (2012).

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