27. March, Run, or Streak to a Different Drummer!

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure tagline about “imagining a world without breast cancer” does not resonate for everyone. For those who will never finish treatment, and for whom the survival rate has barely budged in decades, the future is too close at hand. This is the scenario for the 150 to 250 thousand people living with breast cancer metastasis (BC Mets). What’s more, the future will continue to be bleak for this group if BC Mets continues to be the least funded area of research. To . . . → Read More: 27. March, Run, or Streak to a Different Drummer!

26. “Daring to be Powerful”

Kathleen Kolb is a home care physical therapist, artist, and writer. She was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) in May of 2008 and began writing a blog about breast cancer about six months later called The Accidental Amazon. Kolb’s blog received the 2011 Royal Purple MAAM Award, in which her nominator wrote that, “The Queen of Snark is ‘informative, funny beyond words and just the most beautiful person, evah!’” Sure enough. Kathi Kolb’s motto: “A little skepticism is healthier than a lot of disillusionment.” Pink Ribbon Blues echoes . . . → Read More: 26. “Daring to be Powerful”

Status Update: Cancer Is Not a Ribbon

The Cancer Show turned part of one of my blog posts into a status update:

“Cancer is not a ribbon, a screening test, or a leisure activity. It is not a sassy t-shirt, a proclamation of survivorship, or a gift worth giving. It is a disease. For 65 percent of those who are diagnosed, it will be the eventual cause of death. When we ignore reality in exchange for feel-good fund-raising activities, we alienate and forsake those for whom cancer is a major cause . . . → Read More: Status Update: Cancer Is Not a Ribbon

Enter the Komen Bandits -- Racing With A Message for BC Mets

This weekend marks the 22nd annual Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure® 5K at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Nearly 40,000 people participated and the event raised more than $5 million. Reports of the race festivities are awash with celebrity, festivity, performance, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s founder, Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, “charged up the crowd, noting that the sea of pink making their way up the National Mall was a bold statement by this community that we will not rest . . . → Read More: Enter the Komen Bandits — Racing With A Message for BC Mets

The Cancer Show Interview, Part 2

The Cancer Show runs part 2 of  “Thinking Before Pinking” With Gayle Sulik, which focuses on the dream of eradication and what decades of trends in incidence and mortality suggest about where society stands in the search for a cure. Here is an excerpt:

“Every year people walk, run, volunteer, and consume products with the cure in mind, raising billions of dollars to support the cause and the dream. The dream fuels hope and expectation that society is progressing toward . . . → Read More: The Cancer Show Interview, Part 2

“Pink Ribbon Blues,” Book

Paperback includes new Introduction on fundraising controversies and color insert with images of, and reactions to, the pinking of breast cancer (2012).

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