Catch up on stories you may have missed this month

This year especially journalists and others have been asking deeper questions about breast cancer awareness, the commercialization of the pink ribbon industry, the portrayal of breast cancer in relation to other diseases, and how consumers can avoid pinkwashing. I was interviewed for some of this month’s stories, and I wrote some of my own.

Breast Cancer: The Flaws in the . . . → Read More: Catch up on stories you may have missed this month

“Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer”

Peggy Orenstein’s April 25, 2013 article–the cover story for this Week’ s New York Times’ Magazine, offers an in-depth look at breast cancer in the United States. The 9-page essay– called “Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer” — is well worth the read, highlighting key issues in breast cancer awareness campaigns, research, advocacy, and the painful realities . . . → Read More: “Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer”

Here's my interview on WISH

A few weeks ago Tera Warner interviewed me for the Women’s International Summit for Health (WISH) — a FREE series of interviews and writings on a range of topics from breast cancer to sex and hormones to money, love, mystery, and the secrets of women’s self-defense. Tera asked me about the history of the pink ribbon, what’s transpired in the . . . → Read More: Here’s my interview on WISH

International Women's Day, and the WISH Summit

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Women’s International Summit for Health (WISH) kicks off tomorrow (March 8th). In its fourth and final year, the 2013 WISH summit features interviews and writings from leading experts on breast cancer, sex and hormones, diet and detox, love and luck, money, mystery, mothering and even the secrets of women’s self-defense. This entire series . . . → Read More: International Women’s Day, and the WISH Summit

Gayle Sulik on The Kojo Nnamdi Show (NPR’s WAMU)

The Kojo Nnamdi Show airs on National Public Radio’s Washington, DC Affiliate station WAMU weekdays from noon to 2 pm EST. The live two-hour magazine program highlights news, political issues and social trends of the day. Yesterday, I spoke with Rebecca Roberts on “Pink Ribbon Culture” and Breast Cancer.

Description: Contemporary breast cancer awareness is perky, positive, and, above . . . → Read More: Gayle Sulik on The Kojo Nnamdi Show (NPR’s WAMU)

Reach MD Interviews Gayle Sulik about “Pink Ribbon Blues”

“Pink ribbon campaigns have been highly successful in rallying recognition and funding around breast cancer. But our guest thinks the cheerful image of such campaigns whitewashes realities of the disease, both in terms of statistics and patient experiences.” April 18, 2011


Doctors Michael Greenberg, MD and Matthew Birnholz, MD interviewed me on XM Radio’s ReachMD for a series . . . → Read More: Reach MD Interviews Gayle Sulik about “Pink Ribbon Blues”

The Cancer Show Interview, Part 2

The Cancer Show runs part 2 of “Thinking Before Pinking” With Gayle Sulik, which focuses on the dream of eradication and what decades of trends in incidence and mortality suggest about where society stands in the search for a cure. Here is an excerpt:

“Every year people walk, run, volunteer, and consume products with the . . . → Read More: The Cancer Show Interview, Part 2

“The Cancer Show” Interview

THE CANCER SHOW is a documentary project that takes a “light-hearted look at how U.S. health policy politics and profit-driven healthcare drive common misperceptions about cancer to the general public at large – while ignoring the possible causes.” No doubt breast cancer is a leading character in this tale of carcinogenic proportions along with environmental cancer risks, blind consumption, and . . . → Read More: “The Cancer Show” Interview

Saturday (11/27), I’ll be on “Gesundheit…with Jacobus”

I’m looking forward to spending Saturday morning with Jacobus Hollewijn on a 3-hour live health talk show called Gesundheit…with Jacobus. “Gesundheit” means health or good health in German, and the mission of the show is “to entertain and educate you with information about health, healing and healthy lifestyles.” It is sure to be lively.

For information on this week’s show, . . . → Read More: Saturday (11/27), I’ll be on “Gesundheit…with Jacobus”

Gayle Sulik Interview on “Back Again with Keith & Jocelyn”

Here is a 13-minute interview I did November 3rd on WYBCX’s “Back Again with Keith & Jocelyn” in Connecticut. Hosts, Keith Kountz and Jocelyn Maminta, asked about the rise of the pink ribbon, the pervasiveness of pinking and cause marketing, and the impact of the current pink climate.

"women urged to get screened because it might save their lives. But that’s only 1 possible outcome, and it’s the least likely one" @cragcrest

“Pink Ribbon Blues”

Paperback includes a new Introduction on fundraising controversies and a color insert with images of, and reactions to, the pinking of breast cancer (2012).

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