Poetry Contest Winners

The Pink Ribbon Blues Poetry Jam (2011) challenged taken-for-granted assumptions, values, beliefs, and norms in pink culture. According to the popular vote, there are three contest winners. Congratulations to all!!!

grand prize

“Who Loves Boobies?” by Stevie Free

Pink Boobies
on Barbie Posters

Given Out
To all incoming

Swimming Against the Tide in
a flotsam sea
of Pink, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Bellied Boobie

Afraid of Death
And Women’s Bodies

Brief Bio: Steven Friedman was a husband for 19 years to Verna Wefald, who died in August 2010, after a five-year battle with breast cancer, which was diagnosed when she was pregnant with their second child in 2006. They also have a 13-year old son. Steven works at a retirement community in Northern California, close to where he is raising his children. He is also working on a memoir of the family’s cancer journey, tentatively titled, It’s Not About the Breasts. 

Pink Ribbon Blues donated $100 to the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic in Steven Friedman’s name.

2nd place prize

“A Snarky Limerick” by Cancerfree2b

There once was a disease that killed many
But, then big pink cured it with money
Oh, wait that’s not true,
It still kills me and you
Does big pink think me a big dummy?

Brief Bio: Pink Ribbon Blues Poetry Contest winner, Lisa, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2009. She blogs about her experiences at CANCERFREE2B (http://cancerfree2b.com).

Pink Ribbon Blues donated $50 to the Breast Cancer Angels in her name.

3rd place prize

“The Walk of No Cure” by Jan

The rosy walk of good intentions

is littered with broken promises
and cancer cells left
to grow like weeds,

is worn down by once-hopeful feet
stumbling over pink ribbons
that morph to bloody red,

is marred by deep potholes of grief
for those claimed as victims
while still looking down the road

where the cure is dangled
like a cruel mirage.

Brief Bio: Jan Spence is an award-winning poet whose work can be found appearing or forthcoming in Versifico, Poetry Society of Texas Book of the Year, 2009, and 2011,  Collections I, and Red River Review. A charter member of the Denton Poets’ Assembly, she currently serves as Treasurer of that organization and has also served in the roles of President and Vice President. She lives in Denton with her husband and two cats where she enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, visiting with family, and traveling.

Pink Ribbon Blues donated $25 to METAvivor in Jan Spence’s name.

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